_ZrythmApp struct

The global struct.


Contains data that is only relevant to the GUI or command line.

Public variables

GtkSettings* default_settings
Default settings (got from gtk_settings_get_default()).
MainWindowWidget* main_window
Main window.
GThread* gtk_thread
The GTK thread where the main GUI loop runs.
GThread* init_thread
Initialization thread.
ZixSem progress_status_lock
Semaphore for setting the progress in the splash screen from a non-gtk thread.
bool init_finished
Flag to set when initialization has finished.
char status
Status text to be used in the splash screen.
SplashWindowWidget* splash
Splash screen.
bool have_svg_loader
First run wizard.
char* audio_backend
Audio backend passed with –audio-backend=, if any.
char* midi_backend
MIDI backend passed with –audio-backend=, if any.
int buf_size
Buffer size passed with –buf-size=, if any.
int samplerate
Samplerate passed with –samplerate=, if any.
char* startup_errors
Messages to show when the main window is shown.
char* output_file
Output file passed with –output.
bool pretty_print
Whether to pretty-print.
int argc
CLI args.
char* appimage_runtime_path
AppImage runtime path, if AppImage build.
bool rt_priority_message_shown
Flag used to only show the RT priority message once.
GAsyncQueue* project_load_message_queue
Queue for messages to be shown when the project loads.
BugReportDialogWidget* bug_report_dialog
Currently opened bug report dialog.

Variable documentation

GThread* _ZrythmApp::gtk_thread

The GTK thread where the main GUI loop runs.

This is stored for identification purposes in other threads.

bool _ZrythmApp::have_svg_loader

First run wizard.

Project selector.