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plugin_settings.h File Reference

Plugin settings. More...

#include "zrythm-config.h"
#include "plugins/plugin_descriptor.h"
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Data Structures

struct  PluginSetting
 A setting for a specific plugin descriptor. More...
struct  PluginSettings


PluginSetting *NONNULL plugin_setting_new_default (const PluginDescriptor *descr)
 Creates a plugin setting with the recommended settings for the given plugin descriptor based on the current setup.
PluginSetting *NONNULL plugin_setting_clone (const PluginSetting *src, bool validate)
bool plugin_setting_is_equal (const PluginSetting *a, const PluginSetting *b)
NONNULL void plugin_setting_validate (PluginSetting *self, bool print_result)
 Makes sure the setting is valid in the current run and changes any fields to make it conform.
NONNULL void plugin_setting_print (const PluginSetting *self)
NONNULL void plugin_setting_activate (const PluginSetting *self)
 Creates necessary tracks at the end of the tracklist.
NONNULL void plugin_setting_increment_num_instantiations (PluginSetting *self)
 Increments the number of times this plugin has been instantiated.
NONNULL void plugin_setting_free (PluginSetting *self)
 Frees the plugin setting.
void plugin_setting_free_closure (void *self, GClosure *closure)
PluginSettingsplugin_settings_read_or_new (void)
 Reads the file and fills up the object.
NONNULL void plugin_settings_serialize_to_file (PluginSettings *self)
 Serializes the current settings.
NONNULL PluginSettingplugin_settings_find (PluginSettings *self, const PluginDescriptor *descr)
 Finds a setting for the given plugin descriptor.
NONNULL void plugin_settings_set (PluginSettings *self, PluginSetting *setting, bool _serialize)
 Replaces a setting or appends a setting to the cache.
NONNULL void plugin_settings_free (PluginSettings *self)

Detailed Description

Plugin settings.

Definition in file plugin_settings.h.