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port.h File Reference

Port serialization. More...

#include "utils/types.h"
#include <glib.h>
#include <yyjson.h>
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 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (PortIdentifier)
 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (PortConnection)
 TYPEDEF_STRUCT (PortConnectionsManager)
bool port_identifier_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *pi_obj, const PortIdentifier *pi, GError **error)
bool port_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *port_obj, const Port *port, GError **error)
bool stereo_ports_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *sp_obj, const StereoPorts *sp, GError **error)
bool ext_port_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *ep_obj, const ExtPort *ep, GError **error)
bool port_connection_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *conn_obj, const PortConnection *conn, GError **error)
bool port_connections_manager_serialize_to_json (yyjson_mut_doc *doc, yyjson_mut_val *mgr_obj, const PortConnectionsManager *mgr, GError **error)
bool port_identifier_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *pi_obj, PortIdentifier *pi, GError **error)
bool port_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *port_obj, Port *port, GError **error)
bool stereo_ports_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *sp_obj, StereoPorts *sp, GError **error)
bool ext_port_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *ep_obj, ExtPort *ep, GError **error)
bool port_connection_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *conn_obj, PortConnection *conn, GError **error)
bool port_connections_manager_deserialize_from_json (yyjson_doc *doc, yyjson_val *mgr_obj, PortConnectionsManager *mgr, GError **error)

Detailed Description

Port serialization.

Definition in file port.h.