RecordingEvent struct

A recording event.


During recording, a recording event must be sent in each cycle for all record-enabled tracks.

Public variables

unsigned int track_name_hash
The name of the track this event is for.
char region_name
ZRegion name, if applicable.
unsigned_frame_t g_start_frame
Global start frames of the event.
nframes_t local_offset
Offset from RecordingEvent.g_start_frames that this event starts from.
float lbuf
The actual data (if audio).
MidiEvent midi_event
MidiEvent, if midi.
PortIdentifier port_id
Port if automation.
nframes_t nframes
Automation value, if automation.

Variable documentation

float RecordingEvent::lbuf

The actual data (if audio).

This will be RecordingEvent::nframes times the number of channels in the track.

nframes_t RecordingEvent::nframes

Automation value, if automation.

Number of frames processed in this event.