ExportSettings struct

Export settings to be passed to the exporter to use.


Public variables

BitDepth depth
Bit depth (16/24/64).
ExportMode mode
Export mode.
bool disable_after_bounce
Disable exported track (or mute region) after bounce.
bool bounce_with_parents
Bounce with parent tracks (direct outs).
BounceStep bounce_step
Bounce step (pre inserts, pre fader, post fader).
Position custom_start
Positions in case of custom time range.
bool lanes_as_tracks
Export track lanes as separate MIDI tracks.
bool dither
Dither or not.
char* file_uri
Absolute path for export file.
int num_files
Number of files being simultaneously exported, for progress calculation.

Variable documentation

BounceStep ExportSettings::bounce_step

Bounce step (pre inserts, pre fader, post fader).

Only valid if ExportSettings.bounce_with_parents is false.