ArrangerSelectionsAction struct

The action.


Public variables

ArrangerSelectionsActionType type
Action type.
ArrangerSelections* sel
A clone of the ArrangerSelections before the change.
ArrangerSelections* sel_after
A clone of the ArrangerSelections after the change (used in the EDIT action and quantize).
ArrangerSelectionsActionEditType edit_type
Type of edit action, if an Edit action.
double ticks
Ticks diff.
int delta_tracks
Tracks moved.
int delta_lanes
Lanes moved.
int delta_chords
Chords moved (up/down in the Chord editor).
int delta_pitch
Delta of MidiNote pitch.
int delta_vel
Delta of MidiNote velocity.
double delta_normalized_amount
Difference in a normalized amount, such as automation point normalized value.
char* str
String, when changing a string.
Position pos
Position, when changing a Position.
ArrangerObject* r1
Used when splitting - these are the split ArrangerObject's.
int num_split_objs
Number of split objects inside r1 and r2 each.
int first_run
If this is 1, the first "do" call does nothing in some cases.
QuantizeOptions* opts
QuantizeOptions clone, if quantizing.
ZRegion* region_before
Used for automation autofill action.

Variable documentation

int ArrangerSelectionsAction::first_run

If this is 1, the first "do" call does nothing in some cases.

Set internally and either used or ignored.