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chord_preset_pack.h File Reference

Chord preset pack. More...

#include "zrythm-config.h"
#include "settings/chord_preset.h"
#include "utils/yaml.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ChordPresetPack
 Chord preset pack. More...


ChordPresetPackchord_preset_pack_new_empty (void)
ChordPresetPackchord_preset_pack_new (const char *name, bool is_standard)
bool chord_preset_pack_contains_name (const ChordPresetPack *self, const char *name)
bool chord_preset_pack_contains_preset (const ChordPresetPack *self, const ChordPreset *pset)
char * chord_preset_pack_serialize_to_json_str (const ChordPresetPack *self, GError **error)
ChordPresetPackchord_preset_pack_deserialize_from_json_str (const char *json, GError **error)
void chord_preset_pack_add_preset (ChordPresetPack *self, const ChordPreset *pset)
void chord_preset_pack_delete_preset (ChordPresetPack *self, ChordPreset *pset)
const char * chord_preset_pack_get_name (const ChordPresetPack *self)
void chord_preset_pack_set_name (ChordPresetPack *self, const char *name)
ChordPresetPackchord_preset_pack_clone (const ChordPresetPack *src)
GMenuModel * chord_preset_pack_generate_context_menu (const ChordPresetPack *self)
void chord_preset_pack_free (ChordPresetPack *self)
void chord_preset_pack_destroy_cb (void *self)

Detailed Description

Chord preset pack.

Definition in file chord_preset_pack.h.