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ChannelWidget Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ChannelWidget:

Data Fields

GtkWidget parent_instance
GtkBox * box
GtkBox * color_box
GtkGrid * grid
GtkBox * icon_and_name_event_box
EditableLabelWidget * name
GtkToggleButton * instrument_ui_toggle
gulong instrument_ui_toggled_id
 Handler ID.
GtkBox * phase_controls
GtkButton * phase_invert
GtkLabel * phase_reading
GtkBox * instrument_box
 Instrument slot.
GtkBox * mid_box
GtkBox * meter_area
 Meter area including reading.
GtkBox * balance_control_box
BalanceControlWidget * balance_control
GtkLabel * meter_reading
GtkImage * icon
double meter_reading_val
GtkBox * highlight_left_box
 Used for highlighting.
GtkBox * highlight_right_box
GtkBox * aux_buttons_box
 Box for auxiliary buttons near the top of the widget.
GtkToggleButton * mono_compat_btn
 Mono compatibility button.
int n_press
 Number of clicks, used when selecting/moving/ dragging channels.
int ctrl_held_at_start
 Control held down on drag begin.
int dragged
 If drag update was called at least once.
int selected_in_dnd
 The track selection processing was done in the dnd callbacks, so no need to do it in drag_end.
 Pointer to owner Channel.
gint64 last_plugin_press
 Last time a plugin was pressed.
gint64 last_midi_trigger_time
 Last MIDI event trigger time, for MIDI output.
GtkGestureClick * mp
 Whole channel press.
GtkGestureClick * right_mouse_mp
GtkGestureDrag * drag
 Drag on the icon and name event box.
bool setup
GtkPopoverMenu * popover_menu
 Popover to be reused for context menus.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file channel.h.

Field Documentation

◆ aux_buttons_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::aux_buttons_box

Box for auxiliary buttons near the top of the widget.

Definition at line 84 of file channel.h.

◆ balance_control

BalanceControlWidget* ChannelWidget::balance_control

Definition at line 68 of file channel.h.

◆ balance_control_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::balance_control_box

Definition at line 67 of file channel.h.

◆ box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::box

Definition at line 31 of file channel.h.

◆ channel

Channel* ChannelWidget::channel

Pointer to owner Channel.

Definition at line 105 of file channel.h.

◆ color

ColorAreaWidget* ChannelWidget::color

Definition at line 35 of file channel.h.

◆ color_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::color_box

Definition at line 32 of file channel.h.

◆ ctrl_held_at_start

int ChannelWidget::ctrl_held_at_start

Control held down on drag begin.

Definition at line 94 of file channel.h.

◆ drag

GtkGestureDrag* ChannelWidget::drag

Drag on the icon and name event box.

Definition at line 125 of file channel.h.

◆ dragged

int ChannelWidget::dragged

If drag update was called at least once.

Definition at line 97 of file channel.h.

◆ fader

FaderWidget* ChannelWidget::fader

Definition at line 69 of file channel.h.

◆ fader_buttons

FaderButtonsWidget* ChannelWidget::fader_buttons

Definition at line 63 of file channel.h.

◆ fader_buttons_for_popover

FaderButtonsWidget* ChannelWidget::fader_buttons_for_popover

Definition at line 131 of file channel.h.

◆ grid

GtkGrid* ChannelWidget::grid

Definition at line 33 of file channel.h.

◆ highlight_left_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::highlight_left_box

Used for highlighting.

Definition at line 79 of file channel.h.

◆ highlight_right_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::highlight_right_box

Definition at line 80 of file channel.h.

◆ icon

GtkImage* ChannelWidget::icon

Definition at line 73 of file channel.h.

◆ icon_and_name_event_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::icon_and_name_event_box

Definition at line 36 of file channel.h.

◆ inserts

PluginStripExpanderWidget* ChannelWidget::inserts

Definition at line 55 of file channel.h.

◆ instrument_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::instrument_box

Instrument slot.

Definition at line 49 of file channel.h.

◆ instrument_slot

ChannelSlotWidget* ChannelWidget::instrument_slot

Definition at line 50 of file channel.h.

◆ instrument_ui_toggle

GtkToggleButton* ChannelWidget::instrument_ui_toggle

Definition at line 38 of file channel.h.

◆ instrument_ui_toggled_id

gulong ChannelWidget::instrument_ui_toggled_id

Handler ID.

Definition at line 41 of file channel.h.

◆ last_midi_trigger_time

gint64 ChannelWidget::last_midi_trigger_time

Last MIDI event trigger time, for MIDI output.

Definition at line 117 of file channel.h.

◆ last_plugin_press

gint64 ChannelWidget::last_plugin_press

Last time a plugin was pressed.

This is to detect when a channel was selected without clicking a plugin.

Definition at line 113 of file channel.h.

◆ meter_area

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::meter_area

Meter area including reading.

Definition at line 66 of file channel.h.

◆ meter_l

MeterWidget* ChannelWidget::meter_l

Definition at line 70 of file channel.h.

◆ meter_r

MeterWidget* ChannelWidget::meter_r

Definition at line 71 of file channel.h.

◆ meter_reading

GtkLabel* ChannelWidget::meter_reading

Definition at line 72 of file channel.h.

◆ meter_reading_val

double ChannelWidget::meter_reading_val


Definition at line 76 of file channel.h.

◆ mid_box

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::mid_box

Definition at line 54 of file channel.h.

◆ midi_fx

PluginStripExpanderWidget* ChannelWidget::midi_fx

Definition at line 56 of file channel.h.

◆ mono_compat_btn

GtkToggleButton* ChannelWidget::mono_compat_btn

Mono compatibility button.

Definition at line 87 of file channel.h.

◆ mp

GtkGestureClick* ChannelWidget::mp

Whole channel press.

Definition at line 120 of file channel.h.

◆ n_press

int ChannelWidget::n_press

Number of clicks, used when selecting/moving/ dragging channels.

Definition at line 91 of file channel.h.

◆ name

EditableLabelWidget* ChannelWidget::name

Definition at line 37 of file channel.h.

◆ output

RouteTargetSelectorWidget* ChannelWidget::output

Definition at line 34 of file channel.h.

◆ parent_instance

GtkWidget ChannelWidget::parent_instance

Definition at line 30 of file channel.h.

◆ phase_controls

GtkBox* ChannelWidget::phase_controls

Definition at line 43 of file channel.h.

◆ phase_invert

GtkButton* ChannelWidget::phase_invert

Definition at line 44 of file channel.h.

◆ phase_knob

KnobWidget* ChannelWidget::phase_knob

Definition at line 46 of file channel.h.

◆ phase_reading

GtkLabel* ChannelWidget::phase_reading

Definition at line 45 of file channel.h.

◆ popover_menu

GtkPopoverMenu* ChannelWidget::popover_menu

Popover to be reused for context menus.

Definition at line 130 of file channel.h.

◆ right_mouse_mp

GtkGestureClick* ChannelWidget::right_mouse_mp

Definition at line 122 of file channel.h.

◆ selected_in_dnd

int ChannelWidget::selected_in_dnd

The track selection processing was done in the dnd callbacks, so no need to do it in drag_end.

Definition at line 102 of file channel.h.

◆ sends

ChannelSendsExpanderWidget* ChannelWidget::sends


Definition at line 59 of file channel.h.

◆ setup

bool ChannelWidget::setup

Definition at line 127 of file channel.h.

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