_InspectorPortWidget struct

A Port to show in the inspector for Plugin's.


Public variables

BarSliderWidget* bar_slider
The bar slider.
gint64 last_midi_trigger_time
Last MIDI event trigger time, for MIDI ports.
gint64 last_tooltip_change
Last time the tooltip changed.
float minf
Caches from the port.
float normalized_init_port_val
Normalized value at the start of an action.
char port_str
Port name cache.
Port* port
Port this is for.
Meter* meter
Meter for this widget.
GtkToggleButton* jack
Jack button to expose port to jack.
GtkToggleButton* midi
MIDI button to select MIDI CC sources.
GtkGestureClick* double_click_gesture
Multipress guesture for double click.
GtkGestureClick* right_click_gesture
Multipress guesture for right click.
int last_num_connections
Cache of port's last drawn number of connetions (srcs or dests).
GtkPopoverMenu* popover_menu
Popover to be reused for context menus.

Variable documentation

gint64 _InspectorPortWidget::last_tooltip_change

Last time the tooltip changed.

Used to avoid excessive updating of the tooltip text.