_ChordEditorSpaceWidget struct

The piano roll widget is the whole space inside the clip editor tab when a CHORD region is selected.


Public variables

GtkPaned* main_top_bot_paned
The main vertical paned.
GtkBox* chord_keys_slash_arranger_box
The box dividing the chord keys and the arranger.
GtkBox* left_box
The box on the left of the arranger containing the chord keys.
GtkBox* chord_keys_box
The box wrapped inside a scroll that will host the ChordKeyWidget's.
ChordKeyWidget* chord_keys
The chord keys (see ChordEditor).
GtkBox* chord_key_boxes
Containers for each chord key.
ArrangerWidget* arranger
The arranger.
int px_per_key
Pixel height of each key, determined by the zoom level.
int total_key_px
Pixel height of all keys combined.