_BarSliderWidget struct

Draggable slider to adjust an amount (such as a percentage).


It displays the value in the background as a progress bar.

Public variables

int decimals
Number of decimal points to show.
char suffix
The suffix to show after the value (eg "%" for percentages).
char prefix
The prefix to show before the value.
float max
Maximum value.
float min
Minimum value.
float zero
Zero point.
float(* getter
Float getter.
void(* setter
Float setter.
int width
Widget width.
int height
Widget height.
void* object
Object to call get/set with.
GtkGestureDrag* drag
Used when dragging.
double last_x
Used in gesture drag.
double start_x
Used in gesture drag.
BarSliderUpdateMode mode
Update mode.
int hover
Whether hovering or not.
BarSliderType type
The type of slider.
int convert_to_percentage
Multiply the value by 100 when showing it.
int dest_index
Destination index for the destination multipliers of the port.
PangoLayout* layout
Cache layout.