TrackWidgetPrivate struct

The TrackWidget is split into 3 parts inside a DzlMultiPaned.


  • 1. TrackTopGridWidget contains the "main" view.
  • 2. TrackLanelistWidget contains the TrackLaneWidgets.
  • 3. AutomationTracklistWidget contains the AutomationLaneWidgets.

Public variables

ColorAreaWidget* color
The color on the left.
GdkPixbuf* icon
Track icon, currently not placed anywhere but used by the ColorAreaWidget to get the pixbuf.
GtkGestureMultiPress* right_mouse_mp
Right-click gesture.
DzlMultiPaned* paned
The track multipane splitting the main track content, the track lanes, and the bottom content (automation tracklist).
TrackTopGridWidget* top_grid
The top part of the TrackWidget.
TrackLanelistWidget* lanelist
Box holding the TrackLanes.
Track* track
associated track
gulong record_toggle_handler_id
Signal handler IDs for tracks that have them.

Variable documentation

TrackLanelistWidget* TrackWidgetPrivate::lanelist

Box holding the TrackLanes.

The track lanes.

gulong TrackWidgetPrivate::record_toggle_handler_id

Signal handler IDs for tracks that have them.

This is more convenient instead of having them in each widget.