Building on Windows (MSVC)

you install VisualStudio community edition, python, git (those 3 are just click click installers) then open "Developer powershell for VS2019" (you should have that in windows apps after installing vs), pip install meson, git clone your_project, meson build, ninja -C build what are you supposed to do about dependencies btw? what's the general practice? Port them all to meson and build them as subproject

chocolatey also has packages for all those things: nice! does meson in the vs command prompt see the chocolatey packages by default? If you have a pkgconfig from chocolatey, yes.

  1. Install as admin
  2. choco install sed pkgconfiglite gnuwin32-coreutils.install grep
  3. (doesn't work)

Other programs

Running a command

‘ & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\cat.exe’ .\`



Thanks to xclaesse, dcbaker and lazka for explanations.

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