Installation Instructions


The project uses meson, so the steps are

meson build
ninja -C build

To see all available options, type the following after the build directory is initialized, or look inside meson_options.txt.

meson configure build





Once the program is built, it will need to be installed the first time before it can run (to install the GSettings)

ninja -C build install

Alternatively if you don't want to install anything on your system you can run glib-compile-schemas data/ and then run zrythm using GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=data ./build/src/zrythm. The built program will be at build/src/zrythm by default

Non-standard locations

When installing in non-standard locations, glib needs to find the corresponding gsettings schema. At runtime, GSettings looks for schemas in the glib-2.0/schemas subdirectories of all directories specified in the XDG_DATA_DIRS. It is possible to set the GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR environment variable to <your prefix>/share/glib-2.0/schemas or prepend XDG_DATA_DIRS with <your prefix>/share before running <your prefix>/bin/zrythm to make glib use the schema installed in the custom location.

There are also translations installed in the custom location so XDG_DATA_DIRS might be a better idea.

Generally, we recommend installing under /usr/local (default) or /usr to avoid these problems.

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