audio/ directory

Audio processing related code.


Contains various arranger, editor, etc., structs such as ZRegion and MidiNote.


file audio_file.h
Audio file info.
file audio_function.h
AUDIO functions.
file audio_group_track.h
Audio group track.
file audio_region.h
API for Regions inside audio Track's.
file automation_function.h
Automation functions.
file automation_region.h
API for automation Region's.
file balance_control.h
Balance control of stereo sources, mainly used in the mixer channels.
file chord_region.h
ZRegion for ChordObject's.
file chord_track.h
Object to hold information for the chord track.
file control_port.h
Functions for control ports.
file ditherer.h
file encoder.h
Audio file encoder.
file fade.h
file foldable_track.h
Common logic for foldable tracks.
file graph.h
Routing graph.
file graph_export.h
Graph exporter.
file graph_node.h
Routing graph node.
file graph_thread.h
Routing graph thread.
file group_target_track.h
Common logic for tracks that can be group targets.
file instrument_track.h
Instrument track backend.
file marker_track.h
Object to hold information for the Marker track.
file master_track.h
The master track.
file meter.h
Meter DSP.
file metronome.h
Metronome related logic.
file midi_event.h
MIDI events.
file midi_file.h
MIDI file utils.
file midi_function.h
MIDI functions.
file midi_region.h
API for Region's specific to instrument Track's.
file modulator_track.h
Object to hold information for the Modulator track.
file pan.h
Panning mono sources.
file recording_event.h
Recording events to queue for the recording thread to handle.
file recording_manager.h
Handles recording.
file router.h
DSP router.
file sample_playback.h
A framework from playing back samples independent of the timeline, such as metronomes and samples from the browser.
file stretcher.h
Time and pitch stretching API.
file supported_file.h
Supported file info.