audio/midi_region.h file

API for Region's specific to instrument Track's.



auto midi_region_new(const Position* start_pos, const Position* end_pos, int is_main) -> MidiRegion*
Creates a new Region for MIDI notes.
void midi_region_add_midi_note(MidiRegion* region, MidiNote* midi_note)
Adds midi note to region.
auto midi_region_find_unended_note(MidiRegion* self, int pitch) -> MidiNote*
Returns the midi note with the given pitch from the unended notes.
void midi_region_print_midi_notes(Region* self)
Prints the MidiNotes in the Region.
auto midi_region_get_first_midi_note(MidiRegion* region) -> MidiNote*
Gets first midi note.
auto midi_region_get_last_midi_note(MidiRegion* region) -> MidiNote*
Gets last midi note.
auto midi_region_get_highest_midi_note(MidiRegion* region) -> MidiNote*
Gets highest midi note.
auto midi_region_get_lowest_midi_note(MidiRegion* region) -> MidiNote*
Gets lowest midi note.
void midi_region_remove_midi_note(Region* region, MidiNote* midi_note, int free, int pub_event)
Removes the MIDI note from the Region.
void midi_region_remove_all_midi_notes(MidiRegion* region)
Removes all MIDI ntoes and their components completely.
void midi_region_free_members(MidiRegion* self)
Returns the midi note at given position with the given pitch.