audio/channel_send.h file


Channel send.


struct ChannelSend
Channel send.


using ChannelSend = struct ChannelSend
Channel send.


void channel_send_init(ChannelSend* self, int track_pos, int slot)
Inits a channel send.
auto channel_send_get_track(ChannelSend* self) -> Track*
Gets the owner track.
auto channel_send_get_target_track(ChannelSend* self) -> Track*
Gets the target track.
auto channel_send_get_amount_for_widgets(ChannelSend* self) -> float
Gets the amount to be used in widgets (0.0-1.0).
void channel_send_set_amount_from_widget(ChannelSend* self, float val)
Sets the amount from a widget amount (0.0-1.0).
void channel_send_connect_stereo(ChannelSend* self, StereoPorts* stereo, Port* l, Port* r)
Connects a send to stereo ports.
void channel_send_connect_midi(ChannelSend* self, Port* port)
Connects a send to a midi port.
void channel_send_disconnect(ChannelSend* self)
Removes the connection at the given send.
void channel_send_get_dest_name(ChannelSend* self, char* buf)
Get the name of the destination.
auto channel_send_find(ChannelSend* self) -> ChannelSend*
Finds the project send from a given send instance.


The slot where post-fader sends begin (starting from 0).