audio/automation_point.h file

Automation point API.



struct AutomationPoint
An automation point living inside an AutomationTrack.


using AutomationPoint = struct AutomationPoint
An automation point living inside an AutomationTrack.


auto automation_point_find(AutomationPoint* src) -> AutomationPoint*
Finds the automation point in the project matching the params of the given one.
auto automation_point_new_float(const float value, const Position* pos, int is_main) -> AutomationPoint*
Creates an AutomationPoint in the given AutomationTrack at the given Position.
void automation_point_update_fvalue(AutomationPoint* ap, float fval, ArrangerObjectUpdateFlag update_flag)
Updates the value and notifies interested parties.
void automation_point_set_region_and_index(AutomationPoint* _ap, Region* region, int index)
Sets the Region and the index in the region that the AutomationPoint belongs to, in all its counterparts.
auto automation_point_get_normalized_value(AutomationPoint* ap) -> float
Returns the normalized value (0.0 to 1.0).
void automation_point_update_frames(AutomationPoint* self)
Updates the frames of each position in each child of the AutomationPoint recursively.
auto automation_point_clone(AutomationPoint* src, AutomationPointCloneFlag flag) -> AutomationPoint*
Clones the atuomation point.
auto automation_point_get_track(AutomationPoint* ap) -> Track*
Returns the Track this AutomationPoint is in.
void automation_point_free(AutomationPoint* ap)
Frees the automation point.


#define automation_point_get_main_automation_point(r)
Gets the main counterpart of the AutomationPoint.
#define automation_point_get_main_trans_automation_point(r)
Gets the transient counterpart of the AutomationPoint.